About Us

About Us 
We, TIPEC , are a BS EN ISO 9001:2008 certified international company with offices in UAE dealing with the supply of electrical, mechanical , control and instrumentation in field of oil and gas, petroleum & petrochemical industry, power plant, general industry. We have contracts with well-known European and American manufacturers for distribution of their quality products exclusively in our projects.
Our main customers are mostly oil & gas industry, refineries, Power plants, petrochemical complexes, well operators, gas processing units, offshore rigs and network distribution, substation and etc.
TIPEC has been also experienced in providing solutions for non-hydrocarbon industries like food industries, cement and steel manufacturing industries, water desalination units and etc.

TIPEC consists of below departments:

  1- Engineering Department:
TIPEC Engineering provides multi-discipline engineering and consulting services for main industries. 
Our success is based on the solid experience we have within in mechanical, civil, process and electrical engineering. 
By using our multi-discipline engineering know-how you can concentrate all resources on your core business. We take full project management responsibility, from start up to commissioning at site or we can limit our services to a part of the process - the choice is yours.
 Quality is for us a question of professional pride. Our certified quality management system is an objective for continual improvement and is followed up by international Certification.
TIPEC Engineering’s philosophy is to offer complete multi-discipline engineering solutions and project support. Our competence embraces engineering capabilities in plant and mechanical engineering, civil and structure, electrical and automation, process and environment, as well as product development, modularization and more.
We can also execute specific tasks and technical services, such as dynamic analyses, FEM calculations, tank design, fire protection or pipe calculations.

2- R&D Department:
TIPEC consistently tries to use the most up-to-date procedures and engineering methods in order to supply the best possible solutions to its customers. Guided by our Engineering Department, research and development is an additional team environment that requires the efforts of all departments within the TIPEC organization and our clients. Using the most advanced and original engineering software's, reference books, international training courses, well-known companies sight visits, industry related conferences and etc, we can assure that TIPEC is providing the most advanced possible services to the customers.
We are also trying to find new world class, quality suppliers in order to convince and support vast and developing needs of oil & gas industry.

3- Sales and after sales Department:
Sales and after sales department of TIPEC consist of several Engineers with University degrees and backgrounds electrical and mechanical equipment.  In addition to the supply of complete equipments, TIPEC is able to supply made-to-measure replacement spare parts for a wide range of these equipments.
This department is fully integrated with our engineering department to offer the best solutions. Our sales department staffs take periodical surveys from our customers to see whether there are any problems or dislikes regarding our supplied equipments and to deliver customer oriented services.

4- HSE Department:
TIPEC understands its commitment toward Health, Safety and Environment. This is why we have dedicated one of our departments for this issue. Based on our HSE guidelines we are committed to these agendas:

  • Applying international HSE laws and guidelines in all our projects. • Our managers, engineers and technicians should pay attention to the priority of safety at work and should be aware of the most recent techniques and know-how's.

TIPEC HSE department monitors all the procedures and insures their compatibility with standard and approved Health, Safety and Environment guidelines.

5- Quality Policy
We at TIPEC have commitment towards our customers to:

  • Provide them qualified, experienced and motivated manpower, meeting their specific requirement
  • Our basic motto is to enhance customer's satisfaction through continual improvement of our products and performance.

We also have a commitment towards improving the quality of our employees both within & outside our office through work practice & social welfare schemes. We are fully committed to support the quality system with a strong will & faith to make it a success.


Hoping that you should be interested in this short introduction, our offices and technical people remain at your complete disposal for any further information and details as well as to satisfy any special requirements.