Engineering Services

Engineering Services  In TIPEC Engineering we are paying so much attention to engineering scope of jobs. Our engineering department with the backup of R&D department make able us to provide customer oriented designs, installation and commissioning.
TIPEC Engineering provides multi-discipline technical solutions and project services for oil & gas industry, refineries, Power plants, petrochemical complexes, process industries, gas processing units, offshore rigs and network distribution, substation and etc. TIPEC Engineering also offers a wide range of services and solutions related to technical communication.

 As a brief we can address some of our engineering services as below

  •  Overall plant engineering
  •  Conceptual and basic design.
  •  Detail system engineering.
  •  Prepare drawing schedules and programs. 
  •  Expedite the supply of engineering information and drawing to local or foreign manufacture. 
  •  Preparation the engineering information and drawings.
  •  Detail engineering work.
  •  Review and study of tender document (technical part).
  •  Clarification of raised problems during review of tender documents.
  •  Review and preliminary evaluation of the proposals received from sub vendor's side.
  •  Engineering and design review of received documents from sub vendor's side.
  •  Technical review of supplier’s quotation.
  •  Engineering supports for installation & commissioning.
  •  Engineering supports for commercial part.

We are also able to supply Commissioning Services as below:

  •  Comments on engineering Drawings
  •  Prepare commissioning and Start up manuals
  •  Pre-commissioning management
  •  Deputation of Pre-commissioning specialist
  •  Witness of Instrumentation calibration, Hydro testing, Pipe flushing etc.
  •  Start Run activities
  •  Test Run and also initial phase of operation of field plant
  •  Troubleshooting
  •  Operation guidance/support
  •  Preparation for commissioning report/organizing reporting session