Diesel Generator

A diesel generator is the combination of a dieselengine with an electric generator (often an alternator) to generate electrical energy. This is a specific case of engine-generator.

ELECTRA MOLINS is a firm especialised in manufacturing generating sets and automatic controls.
Since its establishment in 1948, it has maintained a policy of constantly investing in R&D for developing and enhancing new products becoming the Spanish leading company in technology in its field.
ELECTRA MOLINS has developed a technology of its own, mainly in automatic controls for generating sets, the reliability and features of which are among the most advances in Europe.
In order to give the best costumer service, ELECTRA MOLINS has developed an Advice, Installation and Maintenance of generating sets department.

ELECTRA MOLINS was the first company of the MOLINS-AMES group.
This industrial group, whose corporate capital and technology are totally Spanish, employs more than 1,000 people and has annual sales of more than 120 million euros.


CE CERTIFICATE All the generators manufactured by ELECTRA MOLINS comply with the security policies of the European Union regarding protection of moving parts, hot elements and electromagnetic compatibility, as well as the electrical protection and noise protection in soundproof groups. All groups have the CE Certificate, which is provided to the customers. OTHER INTERNATIONAL STANDARDS AND CERTIFICATIONS In addition to the CE certificate, ELECTRA MOLINS can adapt their designs to the different national standards or certifications requested for exportation and installation of their equipment, such the RETIE certificate in Colombia, or the compliance with the special regulations for the installation of security gensets, NF-37312, in France.










The ELECTRA MOLINS collection has been used for many uses, such as hospitals, industrial plants, hotels, supermarkets, data centers, public works, and so on.

The company provides Diesel and Generator Package in a variety of models and brands with Diesel engines including VOLVO, CUMMINS, JOHN DEERE, DOOSAN, MAN, PERKINS, MTU, MITSUBISHI and its generators including LEROY SOMER brands And STAMFORD.

Diesel Generators are made at different voltage levels of low voltage and medium voltage, it includes vast range 28KVA until 3300KVA. 

The "Emergency Service" power is applicable for generators that operate in the event of a mains outage. This power rating cannot be exceeded. The "Main Service" power is applicable for generators that operate as the main source of electrical power. This power rating can be exceeded by 10% for limited periods of time (maximum: 1 hour every 12 hours). However, to prolong diesel engine life, we recommend that the mean active power (kW) connected to the generator in a 24-hour period not exceed the following values:

  • For mains-failure emergency service, 80% of emergency power.
  • For main service, 70% of main-service power. 


INTRODUCTION The AUT-MP12 automatic control panel is based on a programmable module with three microprocessors, each of them specialized in its respective task of electrical measurements, gen set operation logic and communications. This design philosophy ensures a high processing capability. The design requirements include the operation in extreme ambient temperature conditions (from -30ºC to +70ºC) and a high level of protection against electrical disturbances. It is therefore a panel of a great reliability and toughness, that results from 60 years of experience of Electra Molins dedicated to the design and manufacture of automatic control modules. A 5.7" colour TFT screen provides an easy display of the gen set operating status, electrical measurements, alarms, events and the harmonics analysis.